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Why You Need A Professional Electrician For Attic Fan Repairs

Electrical Technicians of Connecticut, LLC wants homeowners to understand why it's better to have a professional electrician repair the attic fan instead of trying to tackle the job on their own.

If you have a Southbury attic fan that isn't working, call in your local professional electrician for repairs.

Your attic fan could be broken without your knowing. Unless it's making a noise, the attic fan could be in need of repair. Have you checked your attic fan? Or is it already making strange noises?

If it isn't functioning, it will not be removing the hot air out of your attic space. This causes a moisture and heat problem.

The issue could be that the attic fan motor needs replacement, the wiring could need replacement, or the entire fan may need replacement. While an attic fan costs to repair or replace, you'll likely make up the difference in energy savings afterward since it is an important part of keeping the attic ventilated.

Attic fans are wired electrically, which means that repairing or replacing them can be dangerous. There are a lot of videos and advice on how to replace your Southbury attic fan or replace the wiring yourself, but there is a lot involved in the process, a lot to know, and electrical training that you likely haven't gone through.

Don't get yourself in a dangerous situation, call a licensed electrician.

Your Southbury Attic Fan Problems May Not Be The Motor

There are other issues than can cause your Southbury attic fan motor to quit working including bad wiring. The electrical system could be having problems, a breaker or fuse could need replacing, there could be thermostat problems, or you could have loose wiring.

This is another major reason to have your local electrician handle the attic fan repairs and replacement for you. The electrician should check for other problems before jumping in to replace the fan.

Grinding Attic Fans Mean Possible Motor Replacement

If you hear noises or sounds coming from your Southbury roof when the attic fan is working, this could be a sign the motor is burning up. The fan may spin for a while and then start slowing down and grinding. Since the attic fan purpose is to pull humidity and heat from the attic space, the motor and other parts can get exposed to humidity. This will cause some issues and eventually cause the motor to go out.

Energy Savings With Attic Fan Motor Replacement

Having the attic fan motor or wiring replaced saves energy and protects the shingles and building materials from moisture damage. When temperatures in Southbury cause the attic spaces to spike to near 150 degrees, the shingles can curl or melt. And, all that heat stored in your attic will keep your home air conditioning system running at a strain, which means higher energy bills.

A Professional Electrician Can Replace Motors On Old Attic Fans

If you were to try to replace your Southbury attic fan motor or wiring yourself, you'll likely run into the issue of the fan being an older model that you can't find parts for. A professional Southbury electrician will know what to do in these situations and any other situation that may present itself.

Electrical Technicians of Connecticut, LLC always advises you to leave your electrical systems up to the professionals for your safety, protection of your assets, and the safety of everyone you are responsible for.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Attic Fan Repairs in Southbury, CT or nearby, please call 203-262-0481 or complete our online request form.

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